The Importance Of On Demand Printing And Rapport Building In Business

Rapport is an important element in any business. You need to establish the right connection with every people that you meet. You must learn how to use every business tool, from business card to brochures and on demand printing to work towards this goal.

You never know who is going to help you through time. So it’s better to build a bond and make it lasting. Some people are naturally friendly. It’s an advantage that you must put in good use when dealing with clients.

Here are some tips in creating a better rapport with your customers. You better learn fast and soon. You cannot afford to lose even one of them just because you failed to be nice.

1. Use on demand printing for your ads
Don’t stuck up on old postcards and distribute those to clients over and over again. With the print on demand technology, you can get your ads printed just when you need those and according to the specific numbers that you require.

This way, you will be able to target your ads accordingly. You will be able to answer people’s needs and queries. And with such process, your clients will feel that they are important to you. This may lead them to reciprocate the treatment.

2. Make a lasting and positive first impression
You have to be very careful on your first meeting with your clients. This will form their ideas about you. You must do everything right to turn that first meeting a step towards more to come. To do this, you must give them the proper treatment. You must show them that you know what you do and how to do it right.

3. Find ways to help your clients
Extend extra efforts to help out with your customers’ concerns. If you have resolved a problem, ask if you can do anything more. If you have been hearing some troubles regarding a product, be the first to ask those who have purchased if they have encountered any trouble. If they do, do something about it. Assure these people that you are ready to do something in such cases.

4. Exceed your clients’ expectations
If you have made any promises to your customers, do it. You should outdo yourself every time a client seeks your service. You must be a better provider as days go by. This way, you will have happy clients who are satisfied with how the things are being done.

5. Strive to make the business relationship last
You can make this happen if you treat your clients well all the time. You must be attentive to their needs and even with their complaints. You must do something about any petty problems and most especially the bigger issues that they may encounter.

Rapport building with clients is vital to make your business grow. These people will make or break you. You need them to last in the industry. So you must know how to keep them satisfied and care for their needs.

With the ever evolving printing technology, you can update your tools using on demand printing. This way, you will also be appreciated by your clients because they feel that you are always thinking about them.

For A Work At Home Business – This Is Most Important For Success

Everyone that starts a work at home job has the intention of making a great deal of money and succeeding.There is no doubt that the potential for success online is there.Unfortunately, the number of those that succeed compared to those that fail is extremely small. If you truly want to have success and make the most of your opportunity, it is vital you have a plan to follow along with.

Without a plan you are jumping into a shark tank blindfolded. The internet is filled with millions of web sites and hundreds of thousands that are just like yours. The smallest details can separate you from your competitors and you want to make sure it is your site that is alluring.

You are only making the other web sites look that much better if you go into a work at home business without a plan. It will put you in a disadvantage right from the start as opposed to leading you in the right direction. By not having a plan you will begin to second guess yourself during times of difficulty.

You are bound to face obstacles and problems along the way. Having a plan will help you deal with these problems and get through them. It will be a struggle finding the answers without just guessing if your work at home job does not have a plan.

While things are going to change and things will not go exactly as planned, it is still essential you have something to follow. Over time your plan will change in order to adjust to the numerous changes online. From the start you still want to have a strategy to follow.

Your work at home plan can consist of anything and everything that has to do with your business. You want to include goals, dates you want to achieve them by, where you want to take your business, how you will promote the business, and who your target market is. The more details you write out the easier it will be to get started in the right direction.

Although it may seem like a waste of time, you will be amazed at the type of results you can get from having a plan for your work at home business. There are millions of web sites and entrepreneurs all vying for the attention of any internet surfers they can get. If you have a plan for your business, you will know how to reach prospects and reel them in.

A Bpo Insider Addresses Risk Management In Business Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can easily come off as a complex industry full of used car salesmen types. However, there is no doubt that American businesses are reaping the benefits associated with outsourcing. I had the opportunity to recently interview, Rohit Barman, consultant for 30 year old BPO service provider, DPS Technologies, who outlined some key outsourcing know-how’s for any business considering the offshore advantage.
Barman is the president of DPS America, and a 2nd generation BPO agent. His experience includes setting up a HIPAA compliant KPO- centric customer support facility for a Medicare Part D program catering to 70,000 beneficiaries, establishing a BPO-centric 24/7 medical emergency response service, and founding a NY based internet marketing solutions provider with an offshore facility in Kolkata, India.
Q: Describe the role of the “middle man” in business process outsourcing. What makes an executive at a BPO vendor fit this description?
A: A “middle man” is traditionally an outsourcing agent, usually lives in the United States, and is of the same ethnic background of the BPO vendor.

Q: Which BPO services do you recommend outsourcing? and which ones would you say no to?
A: It really depends on the country you are outsourcing to.
When it comes to IT software, internet marketing, and data entry work, India is clearly the offshore leader.
For customer support efficiencies (cell centers), the Philippines has pretty incredible results. Their spoken English skills are comparable, if not better than most Americans.
For hardware support, I would recommend China or Taiwan.
I would not recommend outsourcing art direction, writing/ editing, telemarketing, or any service that requires higher level familiarity with our local culture & communication.
Q: Fraud is an unfortunate side effect of any business, and the complexity of a BPO service certainly opens the door for various types of scams. Have you ever seen an outsourcing executive resort to a pricing scam like bait-and-switch, hidden fees, or false billing?
A: Being a 2nd generation BPO middle men, I have grown up in the outsourcing world. I’ve worked as a BPO vendor, BPO buyer, and a BPO middle man. In my experience, I have witnessed pricing scams, but I’ve actively stayed clear from affiliating myself with such businesses. BPO executives are no different than executives of US firms. You should not sign a deal, till you are comfortable with your research & analyzed your risk.
Q: Have you ever witnessed a BPO executive exaggerate what they can deliver in order to make a sale, or charge higher rates?
A: Of-course, the good news is that I’m familiar with global BPO rates & service standards, and utilize my familiarity to negotiate pricing.
Q: How can a company be on guard for these types of unethical practices, ensuring that the value they get from outsourcing is real? What can a BPO buyer do to ensure transparency, reliability, and data security in their deal with an offshore vendor?
A: Business should not underestimate the amount of research and background checks you have to do when selecting an outsourcing vendor, even if they were recommended to you. Some imperative research includes asking yourself…

Who is the middle man/ agent? – look up records for felony, fraud, and other potential misdemeanors in the United States. There are several BPO middle men in the United States who have settled law suits out of court, and have paid their way back into building a business reputation. Ignoring such an important red flag is no different than getting married to a heroin addict – your partnership is doomed.
Look up the BPO production facility to see how long they have been around? Ask for local references, and verify them.
Don’t fall victim to the “yes, we can do everything spiel. I’ve heard it a million times.

Q: Is it possible to settle on a performance scale that uses accepted methods?
A: Buyers should always set up a quality management system in-house. If you open this up to the BPO vendor, you risk being exposed to improper reporting. Conduct monthly reviews based on quantitative reasoning.
Q: While there are always a few of the proverbial “bad apples” in every industry, what has been your overall experience working with BPO companies?
A: A good outsourcing partnership could be a lifelong marriage. If trust & efficiency can be established within the first 6 months to a year, the BPO vendor & business buyer will experience significantly stronger ROI & customer service satisfaction.

Lucrative List Building

Are there any secrets to having a lucrative list building model for your business? Not really, when you look at any business model, you need to see what people are doing, and then to do the same with your business. It is about using the same model and not copying them.

Having a list that is profitable is something most marketers dream of, yet very few achieve it. It is because they have failed to understand how to build their list, and what is needed in the long term.

You’re building your list and you use a downline builder for this. You think that your business can now run on automatic, but that isn’t true immediately. You need to build a good downline, and you need to spend time and effort on your business. The long term goal it for your business to run with just a short amount of time from you each month.

The biggest problem that people face is they want instant, they want an instant large list, and they want instant cash pouring into their business. If they don’t see that immediately, then they will quit and complain that nothing works.

Now if you’re prepared to build your business one step at a time, you will reap benefits that you are only dreaming about at the moment.

As you build your list, look to have people with the same motivation as yourself. It isn’t always possible, because you will always get those who start strong, and fail to reach the end goal.

Some of the best people will be those who take a lot of time and energy, because they don’t know how to build a list. They’ll need a lot of help and encouragement, but the rewards you get are far greater than the time spent.

These people know the person you are, and when you sell to them they are ready to buy. They’ll know that these products will help them to be more productive.

You have followed the basic principles of building a relationship with your downline, not just selling to them. They know that you are there for them, in their difficulties, they know you will help and encourage them.

You are being an excellent role model, and one they will use when they build their downline list. The model you give in the beginning will be seen through your downline as those in your list will add that model to theirs.

As this happens, you will find that you will reap the rewards of your hard work. Your income will rise, and you will spend less and less time on your business.
You’ll know what problems people are likely to face, and have already solved them, by creating a product that addresses each problem.

The real secret to a lucrative list is to take time with your list, and build a solid relationship with them. They will appreciate you far more if you do this. When there is a launch, and they receive lots of emails about it, they won’t wonder who to buy from; it will be from the person they have a relationship with. And that person will be you.

You Can Buy A Good Business Without Using Your Own Money For The Down-payment!

“Business for Sale ! Baby-Boom Exit May Bring Glut”

That is a headline from the Kiplinger Business Resource Center. And it’s true we are at the beginning of a boom (no pun intended) period for businesses owners wanting to sell there business.

Meanwhile we also see this from the business brokerage industry:

* Over 90% of the people who begin the search to buy a business fail to ever complete a purchase. They look at business for sale listings for 18 months and still never buy!

* Only 25% of business broker listings sell; 75% of the businesses do not sell!

So we have a very significant and dynamic event shaping up. More business owners than ever in history reaching a point where they need to sell, faced with people who want to buy but 90% of the time, never do!

Why do “buyers” not buy and “sellers” not sell?

I have been involved in literally hundreds of transactions over the course of my business career and I can answer this question with absolute certainty.

The answer to that question is: lack of knowledge.

Buyers that do not know how to find, evaluate, structure and negotiate transactions and business owners who do not understand how proper valuation and deal structure can help them sell their business for a fair (in some cases premium) value and with a structure that optimizes tax benefits for them.

For buyers that understand these things there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars made over the next few years as they are presented with opportunities from thousands of business owners motivated to sell their business.

You might have heard recent news about all the money being made by private equity and hedge funds by buying businesses.

Do you want to know their secret?

They can buy businesses without using any of their own money for the down-payment!

Do you want to know an even more important secret (you’ll love this)?

You can too! All it takes is knowledge of financial leverage and how to apply the knowledge. You don’t need a pile of your own money to buy a good small to mid-sized business (I’m talking businesses up to $10 Million in revenue … maybe more).

Again you don’t need the capital, you just need to learn how manageable leveraged transactions are done and go out and do it. Remember the big business buyers always in the news? There are hundreds, if not
thousands, of smaller business buyer success stories that happen every day that you never hear about … setting their life up so that when they retire, it will be with a pile of money … and all they are doing is buying businesses using other peoples money.

So if you are interested in buying your own business but think you don’t have enough money … THINK AGAIN … and begin to study how you too can buy a good business without using your own money for the down-payment.

Get Armed and Loaded With Online Business Know-Hows – On Getting Internet Marketing Training

ave you ever wondered why some people claim that the internet is one huge gold mine when dozens, and even thousands of people, fail miserably in their internet marketing gig? The thing is, just like any other business endeavor, an internet business takes hard work, dedication, knowledge and more. Never mind what the earn-one-million-dollars-in-2-months-without-missing-precious-hours-of-sleep gurus have to say. Sure, the setting is virtual – with products viewed as pixels and all – but an internet business takes real work to, well, work. However, no matter how hardworking and dedicated you are, you will not go far without adequate internet marketing training. After all, how can you do the right moves when you have absolutely no idea what those moves are?

Here are some things that you might want to keep in mind when you are planning to increase you internet business know-how by receiving internet marketing training.

The Who

There are a lot of online business mentors who can give you marketing training. If you want to learn what you have to learn – planning and executing marketing strategies, for example, you have to have the right mentor. However, double-check their credentials as some might be just out to convince you to part with your money for nothing. A good internet marketing training mentor will have testimonials of other ‘trainees’ they have helped in the past. Look for testimonials that you can somehow check on. You can look up information about the mentors and the mentoring team. You can also Google the person who have made a testimonial to confirm authenticity. After all, if he testified that he received decent training, he might have put that to good use already and is already setting up, or have set up a successful internet business of his own.
The What

The core of an internet marketing business is the marketing strategy employed. People sometimes fail simply because they have no inkling on how to market online. You should be taught about meta-tags and keywords in the search engine optimization field, about taking advantage of the social media – blogs or social networking sites and other web 2.0 ‘tricks’. A good internet marketing training should let you know that you can generate sales using free methods instead of forcing you to invest in a lot of paid advertising. Aside from marketing strategies, you should also be taught about setting up a website that can sell. After all, what good is a product if you cannot present it in a decent way? You can take free web design courses online. Mastering this can take time, but you have to know how it works. You do not have to learn the intricacies of web design but you have to at least learn the basics. It would be great if you can create your own, eventually.

The How

How did your mentor or mentoring team plan to train you? Were you given live workshops or training, similar to a classroom experience, only virtual? Were you offered video trainings to show you what you need to do? If you are paying for internet marketing training, you should be provided with contact information of some sort, preferably a phone number. It would also be a great plus if there is a community forum where you can interact with other people who signed up for the training. You should be able to actually see how things are done without leaving your room.

It is best to learn from those who have actually in the internet marketing business. However, the internet is full of people who just want to see you part with your money for get-rich-quick schemes and ten-dollar ‘guidebooks’ for products or services that you won’t even use, or know how to use. It is easy to tell the real thing from the not-so-real ones. You can always use search engines to check into the reputation of the mentor that you intend to receive your internet marketing training from.

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Small Business Secret #2 – Build Your Business Knowing How You Will Exit the Business

Creating a small business from nothing is easy to do anyone can do it, by simply filling out a few forms at a government office and then you have your small business. Making it successful is the hard part but also knowing how to get out of your business is as important to your business as owning it. Way to many people startup small businesses but then have no idea how they are going to exit it and in the end the way they build their business in many many cases results in them not getting the windfall they had hoped for.

Let me be really honest with you, if you build your business correctly and make it successful, you can make millions, but you can cost yourself money in not knowing how you will dispose of it and building it in away in which selling is not easy.

Now, I hear it now, but are not all businesses built the same way?

Well in fact no and if you structure your business in the wrong way, it can affect your ability to offload your business.

So what are the ways business owners can exit their business?

Let me list them straight off –

1. Sell to another small business owner

2. Sell off Franchises and Areas to Master Franchisors

3. Sell your business to an Equity Group

4. Sell Shares in your company to other people

5. Publicly List Your Company Shares

The first secret to building a Successful Small Business is to know how your business will look when you are finished. Now based on what your vision of your business is will depend on which of the 5 options you will take.

For example, my team and I are developing a new business that we have decided in three years will be publicly listed. The way in which we are designing this business is very different to how we are growing and building our other businesses. For example, our car cleaning business has been designed specifically to be franchised which has meant we have essentially built each area as its own small business that is profitable for a single operator and will bring them in a good weekly wage and small profit on their investment.

In designing our publicly listed company we have to treat it in a different way so that it is designed to meet the needs of serious investors like institutional buyers. Now by know way am I saying I am an expert in this area but some companies are more suited for public listing than others.

For example if you are building your company for a listing on any of the worlds stock exchanges, investors are looking at three core areas –

1. Good Solid Business Growth (double digit growth)

2. Solid growing profits (double digit profit growth)

3. High Potential for Share Value Growth

If your business does not have those elements then you could be punished in a big way on the stock market with a low share price and in many cases you can loose more money than you make. A few years ago I bought into a small diamond mining company because of this one reason. The share price of the company had been savaged by the bigger players and in those players driving the share price to on 1 cents a share, simply because its potential for high share value growth and profit return per share was simply not there. What happened in the end was that the Publicly Listed Company was bought out by an equity group and was changed to a privately owned company. I actually bought the shares for less than 1 cent a share and the cool part for me was that I made a couple of 100% profit on those shares, but those people who invested when the company was publicly listed lost a large amount of their investment. This really drove home to me that you need to be careful about what you do when you want to get out of the business. In this case, publicly listing the private company cost the owners and shareholders more, than if they had of stayed private.

In the end the company which had an initial listing of 10 million dollars sold for a couple of million dollars. The original shareholders lost an investment of over 8 million dollars. The owners would have been better off keeping the company private and selling it to another mining company or a publicly list company. The reason I know this to be true is because the private equity group did that just 18 months later and I know they doubled their money.

On the other end of the scale, do not just sell your business to anyone. When you build a small business, one of the things that will happen is that you will build a very close relationship with your clients and many of them will become friends. Make sure that when you decide to exit the business, that you talk to your existing customers prior to exiting because getting the wrong person into your business can hurt them as well, both financially and personally.

There is no right or wrong answer to what you should do when it comes to exiting out of your business, but always have a clear strategy on how you are going to exit and build your business towards that exit strategy. If you are partnering with someone else to build your business, make sure that when you create your partnership agreement that you both have a clear understanding of how and when you are going to exit the business.

I have seen so many small businesses destroyed by partnerships that are fine for the first couple of years but then the partners fall out and because one partner wants to exit now, it puts such a clear strain on the business that the business collapses.

One of the clear things I have learned about business is that you must have a vision of what you want for your business and work back from that vision and develop your timeline for success.

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Successful Women In Business Know How to Hone Their Marketing Skills

Do you always want revenue or sales challenges? Obviously, you don’t. However, unless your prospects or potential customers know about your products or services, you will always be facing sales issues. To get that awareness is a testimony to your marketing skills.

Before we discuss marketing skills, it is a good idea to have a shared definition of marketing.

Marketing from my perspective is:

Both a strategy (thought process) and a tactic (action) to create constant and consistent awareness and promotion of your products and services with the desired result of potential buyers also known as prospects:

To consider your products and services
To become clients or customers

Now after having a common definition, to hone those marketing skills is to understand when you need to use them. Having a proven sales process that unites marketing skills with selling skills is one such way.

The sales process that I recommend to my clients is 7 steps. Steps 1, 2 and 7 utilize marketing skills while steps 3 through 5 are all about selling skills.

Years ago, there was a simple marketing model called AIDA. The A stood for attention because before can sell anything to anyone you need to gain their attention. So, how effective is your 30 second commercial in gaining attention? Next step is creating Interest. Here is where you begin to build the emotional connection to your prospect. Remember, no one likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy.

Then you need to further develop the Desire to your products and services. What can your potential buy expect your products or services? Finally, you need a call to Action. The call to action helps to transition into Step 2 that being building the relationship.

Today’s market place is more about relationship selling than anything else. To build that relationship probably means that you must have incredible communication skills, be the consummate professional and demonstrate high business ethics as well as personal ones. And who else better than women to nurture and develop authentic relationships?

Step 7 is follow-up and asking for the referral. Since up to 80% of all new business revenue comes from referrals, how good are you at asking for referrals?

Now that you know how you need to proceed, you can determine what self leadership skills that you need to improve such as active listening, awareness of the prospect’s needs, and an authentic desire to help the prospect.

Marketing skills are truly just people skills with the focus on helping to meet the prospects’ needs and determine if those needs can be satisfied by your products or services. To be successful as women in business requires that you truly hone those marketing skills.

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Please feel free to contact me, Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Your Chief People Officer and Business Coach, who works with individuals and organizations that are tired of not being where they want to be and truly want more for their businesses and their selves. 219.508.2859

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eBay Business – Know How to Reduce Costs in Your eBay Business

The goal of every businessman is to make huge money. The money you save is the money you earn. So, cost reduction is one of the important things you have to take care of in your eBay business. In this article, I have mentioned some of the ways that can help you to save money.

Shipping is where you can save some money by adopting suitable shipping methods and carriers. Different carriers offer different prices for different weights and sizes. There are also several methods like media mail, first class mail, parcel post and priority flat rate boxes with different rates. Choose the cheapest method cleverly by comparing and analysing the prices.

Are you using lot of pictures in the eBay listing? For every additional picture you host, you need to pay extra money. But there is a way through which you can host unlimited pictures for just around $5 per month. All you have to do is to approach a web hosting provider like Host Gator and sign up the membership for web Hosting plan. Now you can make your eBay listings get the pictures from the web host and display them.

For every auction, if the starting price of the item is less, then the insertion fee is also less. With this in mind set the starting price of your item and save a considerable amount of money. For instance if you are planning to start with $50.00 just reduce $.01 and start it at $49.99. By doing this you can save $1.00.

There are many expensive listing features in eBay. Avoid using them as they are not proven to yield results and save money. While listing your item make it in the category that closely matches your product and avoid listing the item in two categories.

When it comes the packing, if you are using a particular kind of box or padded envelope repeatedly better purchase them in bulk. And rather than purchasing them at the post office or local store, purchase them online to get good bargain. If you are lucky you may get some boxes for free from the local grocery store and that can really add money to your outcome.

As Seen on CNN, CNBC, FORBES: Wholesale Clothing Lots and Wholesale Clothing Online
Samuel Lorna is an eBay Powerseller who has been selling clothing online for close to 5 years. She started her online business in her home, and within 2 years, has managed to expand her business to include 15 full time employees, bringing in over $70,000 in monthly sales!

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